Friday 07, March 2014

Amy had a great time at the beginning of the year- here's what she had to say! "First of all I never imagined how beautiful one place could be!! This trip was my first time leaving Canada and seeing the ocean and everything I saw was picture perfect, I cant wrap my mind around the fact that I spent time in such am amazing place. My time there was incredible, the people, food and culture was a fantastic experience to take in. The impact I had on the community was fantastic, it was heart warming and flat out magical. The kids were great, so eager to learn and find out more about me. The biggest thing I took away from the whole trip was to appreciate a simple life, the people there are so laid back and happy. Now that I am back home in Canada I am learning to take a step back from living such a busy life style and enjoy the little things. Everyone on the island of Kendhoo were amazing, they people there really became my “family”. I felt so welcomed at all times and honestly had a fantastic experience the entire time I was there. I would go back in a heart beat and I plan on visiting my Maldivian family again in the future."... Amy