Kianna Harry

Monday 24, February 2014

My name is Kianna, I’m from Australia and I was 23 when I arrived in the little island of Maroshi for a 4 week stay. After a daunting first couple of days settling in as the only volunteer on the island I soon feel in love with the lifestyle, weather, ocean, students and the peacefulness of the island.

Everybody was really kind and friendly and although I did feel a bit lonely at times because I didn’t have anyone on the island that had English as a first language or who could relate to my culture and way of life, I still found that everyone did their best to make me as comfortable as possible and my experience as rich and rewarding as it could have been. I spent my afternoons and weekends snorkeling, swimming, fishing, visiting nearby uninhabited islands, reading, walking, coaching netball, sunbaking (only my arms and legs) and spending time with my host family, particularly my two host sisters – oh and eating! There were days when I thought I couldn’t handle the heat anymore, or not living with an air conditioner, or eating curry for every meal. But those moments were fleeting and mostly I enjoyed every day. The food was beautiful, I ate so much while I was there and got to try so many new things, I even took a couple of recipes home with me too.

I worked in the preschool and although it was only 4 hours of contact time per day, it was exhausting at times and challenging, but the students were adorable and I greatly enjoyed my time in the classroom. It certainly helped me learn about how to teach ESL students and how to communicate when language is limited. It also taught me just how important a positive attitude is.
I lived with a local family and they were wonderful to me. I had my own room and bathroom and every meal was prepared for me, I was very spoilt, my host mother did everything for me and even when I tried to help clean up or do washing I was told to just relax. I am so grateful to them for making my experience so lovely.
I highly recommend doing this program. You will learn so much about yourself, gain a lot of independence, learn so much about a different culture and just have such a lovely time. The islands are very safe and I never felt uncomfortable or as though I was in any danger at all. It was a fantastic experience for me and one that I will treasure and remember forever. Thank you Volunteer Maldives for giving me this trip of a lifetime and making it perfect!

Name: Kianna Harry
Island(s): Maroshi
Duration: 4 weeks