Orlanda Kade

Sunday 10, March 2013

My month spent on Dhuvaafaru was a very real and wholesome experience. Arriving on the island it took a few days to adjust to the curious eyes and starkly different culture, but given next to no time at all I felt welcomed with open arms.

My ‘family’ were fantastic and the experience wouldn’t have been the same without them. I grew particularly close with my brothers and sisters, who I went night fishing with, on several afternoon strolls, and just hung out with chatting and snacking away. I miss them already!

I’m sure everyone’s teaching experience will be different depending on where you go, but for me I was teaching Grade 8 English at the Secondary School. The students were fun, although at times highly distractible, they were good-natured and very interested in learning about me and my life in Australia. I was also asked to run a Professional Development session on Phonics at the Primary School and at the Pre-school, so I got to spend time at all of the schools which was nice. In the evenings after playing ‘T-Magoli’ (a ball game with the locals) I tutored several different students and helped with assignments and/or exam preparation.

My advise to anyone about to embark on this volunteer experience would be to be ready for anything, be flexible, take it as it comes and enjoy it all! You’ll undoubtedly have some fun, eat lots of delicious food, meet some beautiful people and learn a bunch about yourself along the way.

I have to say thank you to Volunteer Maldives and particularly Yvonne who was a huge help from start to finish. VM is a very well run organization, they will make you feel safe and give you the opportunity to really make a difference.

Name: Orlanda Kade
Island(s): Dhuvaafaru
Duration: 1 month