Dahmane Thamai

Wednesday 01, May 2013

Writing a testimonial is like writing an exam because the power of words can make one happy or sad. But either way I'm taking the courage to say something from my heart.

First, the VM peple, Michelle, Sameer and Shakira are wonderful, and with them you are in good hands.

The logistics are better than the Army, and I didn't have to worry from day one about anything.

Second, I was really happy working with the Eco youth team in Naifaru. I helped them with many projects and I was surprised to find out how open they are to new ideas.

They are hard-working people with good on-going projects for their people in Naifaru. They need all the help and encouragement. I 'm asking you to please help them.

The Eco Youth team knows what is good for their people, they love their island and they are sincere.

I miss them all.

The only thing that made me sad in Naifaru is that the locals need a lot of help because of many conditions. That's why they need Eco Youth to make a difference. I hope the Naasri project will go smoothly for Eco Youth. My host family was great, the food was good, and I was like one of them. It felt like home. I highly recommend VM for everyone.

Name: Dahmane THAMI
Island: Naifaru Duration 60 days
Occupation : Agriculture and Environment