Katya Ilieva

Monday 05, August 2013

I first met Maldives a year ago when I had to show my teenager students how to present new destinations in their future work as tourist agents. I created for them 10 minutes presentation about Maldives. While I was making it I liked this incredibly beautiful country so much and I wanted not only to visit it but be a part of it, to know it, to feel it.

I spent unforgettable 4 weeks in Maldives as a teacher assistant in a school of tiny Kamadhoo Island, Baa atoll. I helped children during the periods, my colleagues English teachers and me discussed how to plan and organize lessons, I shared my personal teaching experience with them. But the most exiting was my night Russian class with 10 grade students and some islanders. I was absolutely surprised how quickly they learnt difficult Cyrillic letters and started to read and write. When the course was over they could talk simple dialogues, sing a Russian popular song and say three rhymes. At the same time they were going to school from 6.30 am to 2 pm or to work all day long.

In my free time I helped in cleaning the island, helped neighbor women in cooking, visited some other islands, participated in World water day demonstration and meeting, was in MDP assembly, walked around the island.
I cannot forget how friendly, calm, simple islanders were. I cannot forget my precious friends – I have many there. And children from my team who I was fishing with, who were going for a walk with me, were talking about their everyday life, were collecting shells and corals for my “treasure”.

I appreciate my experience and memories from island life. Now I've got thousands of pictures to remember how wonderful time I spent as a volunteer in Maldives.
Many thanks to Sameer and everyone in Volunteer Maldives for the logistic right from the very start of the enquiry process to the end of the trip. I was always well informed and assured.

A big thank to my host families for the warm care and memorable friendship.
God bless all of you and your families.

Name: Katya Ilieva
Island(s): Baa atoll, KamadhooIsland
Duration: 4 weeks