Manar Boulsnane

Monday 12, August 2013

I do not know if I will have enough efficient words to describe my experience in Maldives. My volunteering time was just incredible and fabulous.
I saw first-hand how a successful organization manage finances, network with communities, and generate excitement around fundamentals ideas. (Education, environment, sustainable development…)
I took part on a Program preschool working with children.
It has been a great way to learn more about the incredible work that a small team is doing every day. Teachers give their best to make the child education memorable. Children are eager to learn, with a thirst for knowledge and explore new things.

I was amazed by those children. They were so kind and generous. And it was just magical to spend unique moments with them. We had a lot of fun and enjoyment.
Moreover, I got the opportunity to be involved in many things such as participating at a nutritious workshop planned by professionals from Male at Baa School, enjoy trips to others islands, work with high school teenager, help during the ceremony report, organize a preschool party surprise…

I was inspired by the community efforts and success. I was especially impressed by the Impulse staff members’ strong work ethic and dedication to creating social change. During my time, I gained insights into issues related to the local community, which made a lasting impact on me.

I would never forget each person who contributes to make my experience and time feel like at home and so powerful. I am deeply grateful to them.
I have learned much more about the beauty of this country, I was touched by the warm hearts and kindness of the Maldivian people and I shared invaluable moments with this adorable community.

It is a memory that will forever remain engraved in my heart.
“Get involved! You‘ll love it!”

Name: Manar Boulesnane
Island(s): Dharavandhoo
Duration: 4 weeks