Marie Baker

Sunday 13, January 2013

Volunteer Maldives provided a perfect opportunity for me to combine the chance to travel and apply my skills abroad. From the moment I sent an email of enquiry, Shakila provided me with all the information I would need to know before embarking on such an adventure. The team was on hand in the lead up to my trip and throughout to answer questions, queries and deal with any concerns, nothing was too much for them and every email, call or message I sent was always swiftly responded to.

As soon as I arrived in the Maldives I felt assured that I would have the best experience, everyone was so friendly and welcoming and made me feel at home. The 3 months I spent in the Maldives were the most rewarding, from the friends I made, the work I did and the experiences I had on my island there is so much that I was able to take away at the end of my trip. I instantly felt like part of the community and was invited to a number of celebrations; school awards ceremonies, local weddings and activities. The locals took me on fishing trips, snorkeling, visits to uninhabited islands for picnics and walks around our island to explore the local area.

Not only was I able to carry out the drugs counseling work that I volunteered to do but I was also able to teach in the pre-school, carry out workshops for the secondary school and conduct research for my NGO and other NGO’s across the atoll. The experience I had during my time in the Maldives was more worthwhile than I could ever have anticipated. Alongside, the 100’s of pictures I took, I have memories and friendships to last a lifetime and 1 month on I already wish I was back there! Volunteer Maldives was definitely the right choice for me and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to volunteer abroad in the future.

Marie Baker (UK)
Island - Hoadedhdhoo - 3 months
Counselling/Youth Development