Sebastian, William & Luke

Monday 25, February 2013

William- I had a great experience in Maroshi, where from the moment I arrived I felt welcomed by our host and all the islanders. Working at the school was a particular highlight for me as teaching the children was both rewarding and challenging. I also thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to go snorkeling and fishing, as well as visiting uninhabited islands. Overall, volunteering in the Maldives has been fantastic where I have learnt a lot during my stay in Maroshi and have hopefully had a positive impact on the lives of the children.

Sebastian- Our time in the Maldives has been great, where we have spent four weeks teaching and coaching the school children of Maroshi. This has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience as the kids have been very keen to get to know us and learn, as well as teach us about their way of life on the island. Our hosts have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome in their small community, and include us in all their social events. On weekends they have taken us fishing, snorkeling and for overnight stays at uninhabited islands. Volunteer Maldives have been of great assistance, firstly by organizing the trip, and also through their in-country support whilst we have been here. The experience has passed my expectations of a challenging, but also unique and satisfying adventure so I would recommend to anyone looking for this type of trip.

Luke- The time I’ve spent in Maroshi has met every expectation I held prior to the trip. The people have been warm, we’ve been extremely well looked after and the work carried out in the local school has been meaningful and very worthwhile. In addition to this, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to experience all that the Maldives has to offer through weekend trips and activities, including snorkeling and fishing. Thanks to this I’ve been able to have the experience of a holiday, whilst also hopefully contributing to the lives of the Maroshi community in a positive way, a combination which has made this the most satisfying trip I’ve taken.

Sebastian Reid, William Yavits, Luke Sewell - Australia 1 month