Julie Garner

Sunday 08, July 2012

My time in the Maldives was unlike anything I have ever experienced in my entire life. I have lived abroad before, but never in a place where island life is law of the land. Having just come from a student teaching internship in the United States, I could not help but see the comparisons between my American students and my Maldivian students. It was fantastic to see and explore new teaching methods with students that have maybe never been exposed to a foreign person let alone a foreign teacher!

I learned a lot about myself during my month in the Maldives. I learned how to teach, to learn, and to love students who have so little but can still give so much! It definitely took some time to get used to, but I can happily say that not a day will go by where I do not reflect upon my time in Naifaru and the people that I have met.

The in-country support was fantastic from the Volunteer Maldives team, a;though I can not say the same from the NGO team. I felt that I could call Michelle and Shakila at any moment and receive some sort of assistance.

I would recommend VM before ANY of the other organizations operating to the Maldives.

Country: USA
July 2012 - 4 weeks