Linda Wang

Saturday 28, July 2012

This trip was the most meaningful and wonderful trip I have ever had. The island I went to is Maroshi. It is a small island. I was assigned to assist and teach grade three students for math, English, practical arts, and environmental science. Each lesson, I would communicate with the teacher first and prepare my lessons. Some teachers would like me to serve as an assistant; some would like me to lead the class as a real teacher. No matter what my role was, the students were always being active and friendly. They love to answer questions and ask questions. Sometimes they need the help of the teachers to translate what they wanted to say, but as time and our lessons progressed, they started to ask and answer questions all using English with confidence. It was a pleasure to see their improvements.

During school time, it was always enjoyable for me to teach them. After school, I was also delightful to hang out and play with them. For the one month I have been on the island, every afternoon we played football and badminton. The most popular sport on the island is football. Almost all the boys love football. Playing with them was a real exercise. Every time we finish playing, the children love to go back home through the beach side. I enjoyed that too. We will collect shells, catch crabs, and see the sun set while taking a walk. It was relaxing. Every day was simple and beautiful. Living and teaching in an environment that is completely different from where I grew up, I feel comfortable and happy every day. There was never a single moment when I feel homesick. Everything in this island is just too pretty to feel homesick. The parents, teachers, principal, and everyone are very nice and caring. There is no reason to feel uneasy or unhappy.

I feel glad that I know some art and craft that I was able to teach them how to make stars and hearts. They love making stars using colorful papers once they learned it. Every afternoon, another activity we usually did was making stars at home when outside was still too hot. During the weekend, I got to go to a small picnic island for snorkeling and BBQ. Swimming with children was an exciting experience too. Children there were quite creative. They buried my body’s lower part in the sand and made a mermaid tail for me. It was so much fun.

The memories I had in this island with all the amazing people are unforgettable. I would like to thank all the members of VM who helped and supported us to be able to complete our volunteer so smoothly. VM is surely the best volunteer program. I would suggest to all my friends about VM. I am so determined to come back again next year. I have even started to make a list that will remind me of what to bring and teach next time I come. Next year, I will be more prepared and I believe I can contribute more to the community.

Linda Wang
Country: HongKong
Island: Maroshi
Duration: 1 month