What We Do

Volunteer Maldives is committed to making a real and tangible difference to these warmand friendly communities – which sometimes need a little help!When you travel with us you can rest assured that the work you do will directly benefit the islanders that have been identified by these local communities and the NGO's we work with.

All of our partners are based in the local community. They are in partnership with Volunteer Maldives rather than employed by Volunteer Maldives. When you travel with us, you will stay in locally run accommodation/homes and travel on locally owned transport.In this way we can ensure that the part of your placement fee assigned for transport and accommodation goes directly into the local economy. That means that before you’ve even lifted a finger on your project, you’ve already made an important contribution to the local economy.

Our volunteers will live in the heart of the communities, in basic home stay accommodation as part of the family, or some islands have specific accommodation just for volunteers.

As part of the ‘Maldives’ experience, you’ll eat local food, use local transport, and definitely do as the locals do! You’ll find the islanders will take great care of youand welcome you into their community where activities on your days off will include asisland hopping, snorkelling, go to deserted sandbanks for picnics, venture your for a spot of night fishing then come back and barbeque your fresh catch – such a unique experience you’ll not find in too many places in the world!

A part of your placement fee goes directly back into the islands where you stay, to contribute to accommodation, meals and transport, so you straight away make a positive contribution to these small communities.

In these current times Volunteers, quite rightly, want to know just how their placement fees are spent. Volunteer Maldives are proud to say they operate ethically, and fairly, and first in mind is always the communities we partner our volunteers with. We’re not ‘fat cats’ looking to line our pockets!

We appreciate all our volunteers and understand sometimes fees are not easy to come by, and these placements for many people are once in a lifetime opportunities to experience something truly unique. We endeavour to make every experience a memorable and inspiring one.