Responsible Travels

Volunteer Maldives are proud to work with the industry acclaimed ‘ Responsible Travel’, and have met their strict criteria and policies to ensure you volunteer experience is sustainable and benefits the communities in which you will be giving your valuable time.


Volunteer Maldives arranges programs on the small Maldivian islands for volunteers from around the globe. Volunteers participate in projects such as education, sports, youth work and community development, which benefits the local island communities, and inspires and encourages the islands’ youth. The volunteers, in turn, not only take great satisfaction is seeing directly how their participation benefits the people, but they also get to experience and see the ‘real’ beauty of the Maldives and its people, not just that is portrayed in the glossy travel brochures. Volunteer Maldives aims to ‘give back’ to the Maldivian people, through these programs and make direct contributions to the communities for various projects throughout the year.
Member since: 31 Aug 2012
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Economic responsibility
On the host islands where the volunteers carry out their projects, they stay with families in home-stays where they can experience authentic local life, or, occasionally a local island guesthouse needs to be used. Local families prepare volunteers’ meals, or on the odd occasion, arrangements are made in local café. Part of the Maldives culture and experience is the local cuisine, and usually includes locally caught fish and local coconuts.

Environmental responsibility
On many of the islands where we host programs, we regularly organize beach clean ups to raise awareness of the dangers of waste both to humans, and to highlight the fragility of the Maldives’ underwater world, which is always exposed to considerable harm from litter and waste dumped into the sea.

Social responsibility
We ensure the large network of people; organisations and schools we work directly with have only the best interests of their communities at heart and will not work with organisations or individuals we feel may want to make large profits or political gain by working in partnership with us.