Turtle Conservation in Sri Lanka

Jenny and Astrid from Hong Kong were very warmly received down in Rekawa, to assist with the amazing Turtle Conservation program; Two wonderful volunteers who have kept us entertained with numrous emails and hundreds of (colourful :) ) questions over the last couple of months leading up to their arrival!
The two ladies have got stuck into things straight away, and we're delighted they were, on the first night of the Turtle watching, they were able to withness a Greenback laying her eggs :)

The surrounding wetlands and beach provide a haven for a variety of wildlife and we've seen a hundred + photos already from the ladies in little more than a week of their stay!
Thanks so much Jenny and Astrid - fantastic attitudes ;) the ladies are also helping out with teaching basic English to the local village children which is brilliant.

THANK YOU's go to team Rekawa.. lovely hosts to the volunteers and to the
volunteers themselves.... mmmwah! xx


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