Volunteer Maldives work with several Island Health Clinics in the Shaviyani Atoll in the North of the Maldives which also includes 1 regional hospital, where fascinating and insightful internships can be arranged for you. based on local islands in the outer atolls in the north of the country, and 2 Hospitals

The placements offer students a unique insight into community health and practices on these small islands, with their own geographical challenges, and Sri Lanka, where facilities are limited in small outer villages.

Regional Hospitals in the Maldives and Sri Lanka usually service several small islands and communities. As transportation in the Maldives can sometimes be difficult in times of emergency, these Regional Hospitals have become a vital lifeline to the local communities who now have options if they are unable to get all the way back to the capital of Male’. The hospitals have a mixture of expatriate doctors and nurses as well as Maldivian staff, and students can expect to get involved in not only their chosen area of expertise, but will also experience local and community medicine and be able to see more tropical illnesses which they may not see in their own countries, and gain experience of different procedures.

Students will be allocated a Supervisor for the duration of their elective and will shadow experienced staff.

Students may stay in homestays with local families to gain an all round experience, or may stay in hospital accommodation – dependent on numbers and other students. Be flexible! Sometimes students are requested to help out with their health awareness programs, which is great for you to get deeper involved with the islanders and understand some of the underlying health issues.

We’ll guide you through the paperwork process, and liaise with the hospital – contact us for more information!

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